Meet Our Instructors and Staff

Our teachers are carefully screened and hired for their subject knowledge, their ability to show warmth and concern for students of all ages, and for their talent at making learning fun and enjoyable.  We are fortunate to have such a talented and dedicated group of professionals working with our students.

Gwynne Campbell   GWYNNE CAMPBELL (1984)
Founder, Executive Director 

Gwynne Campbell is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Sylvan Learning Center in Darien, which she founded in 1984 with her husband, Douglas. Gwynne has a B.A. in Urban Studies / Community Education from Trinity College in Hartford, CT. She is currently vice president of the Fairfield County Trinity Alumni Association, overseeing admissions, and is a former member of the National Alumni Board. She is a former president of the Darien Advocates for the Education of the Gifted (DAEG) and has been an active volunteer in the community with such organizations as the Darien Youth Commission, Just Say No, and The Junior League. In addition, Gwynne was instrumental in the formation of the first Darien High School girls’ hockey team in 2001.

  Sylvan Learning Center, Darien, CT  
Doug Campbell   DOUGLAS CAMPBELL (1984)

Since 1984 he has been President and Co-owner of Sylvan Learning Center of Darien (CT) with his wife Gwynne. He also helped establish Sylvan’s national advertising and national market research programs. Douglas graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Spanish/International Relations from the University of New Hampshire. He received his MBA from The Darden School at the University of Virginia.  As Managing Director of The Success CoachSM (, he works with entrepreneurs to help them grow their business and with business owners to build strong management teams. In addition as a Professional Speaker, he facilitates workshops on team building and creativity for area companies.  He frequently speaks to companies and organizations and writes for the Fairfield County and Westchester County Business Journals and The Norwalk (CT) Hour.Previously Douglas taught Marketing and Entrepreneurship to undergraduate and MBA students at several area schools including Fairfield University, Sacred Heart University, the University of New Haven, and Norwalk Community College.

  Sylvan Learning Center, Darien, CT  
Kathy Greene   KATHY GREENE (March 2006)
Director of Education 

Kathy joined our elementary staff nearly five years ago and was appointed to the full-time position of Director of Education 2007. Kathy oversees all the daily operations and educational planning of Sylvan.  Previously, Kathy worked in special education for five years at the Tokeneke School in Darien, and prior to that she worked as a para-professional in the Norwalk Schools for four years.  She is completing her MA in elementary education through the University of Bridgeport and also holds a BA in education from Purdue University.

  Sylvan Learning Center, Darien, CT  
Lorraine Hurley   LORRAINE HURLEY (May 1990) 

Another Sylvan “long-timer” is Lorraine Hurley who was Sylvan’s full-time Director of  Education from 1990-1995.  After returning to the classroom in late 1995, Lorraine decided she preferred full-time tutoring to classroom teaching and has since joined the staff of the Stamford Board of Education’s Home Bound Program where she runs specialized tutoring and adult education programs during the day and teaches one to two afternoons per week at Sylvan.  Lorraine has a BA in mathematics from Mount St. Mary in N.J. and a masters in education from Fairfield University.

  Sylvan Learning Center, Darien, CT  
Donna Napolitano   DONNA NAPOLITANO (August 1999) 

Another Stamford native is Donna Napolitano, a 28-year veteran of the elementary classroom.  She taught in several Stamford schools but was most recently a 4th grade “master teacher” at Stark School in Glenbrook.  Donna received two major Connecticut State Education Awards for her outstanding classroom work: a Celebration of Excellence Runner-Up and a Celebration of Excellence First Prize.

  Sylvan Learning Center, Darien, CT  
Amy Feinman   AMY FEINMAN (August 1991) 

Weston resident Amy Feinman is celebrating her 20th year at Sylvan.  She is a secondary mathematics teacher with over 25 years of experience teaching all levels of math and preparation for the SSAT/ISEE/PSAT and SAT exams.  Prior to joining Sylvan, Amy was on the faculty at Hall-Brooke in Westport, and she taught at Seymour High School and tutored college students at Southern Connecticut while completing her graduate certificate in secondary mathematics.  Amy is a graduate of UCONN/Storrs and recently completed her masters in education through the University of New England.

  Sylvan Learning Center, Darien, CT  
  Sylvan Learning Center, Darien, CT  
Elaine Montane   ELAINE MONTANE (January 2003) 

We are thrilled to have veteran special education teacher Elaine Montane back at Sylvan after a hiatus of many years during which time she was teaching fulltime and attending to her family.  Elaine is still teaching full time in Stamford where she is a learning specialist for the visually and hearing impaired.

  Sylvan Learning Center, Darien, CT  
Leonel DeAndrade   LEONEL DeANDRADE (March 2001) 

Leonel DeAndrade, a gifted young mathematics teacher who taught all levels of high school math previously at Trinity in Stamford, joined Sylvan five winters ago and is currently on staff at a Norwalk Middle School, where he teaches 7th and 8th grade algebra.  Lionel is a graduate of UCONN/Storrs with a BS in Physics and Applied Mathematics, and he is currently completing his MA in Curriculum and Instruction of Secondary Education through Fairfield University.

  Sylvan Learning Center, Darien, CT  
Paula Crotty   PAULA CROTTY (September 2001) 

One of our more experienced members of the Sylvan Math Team is Paula Crotty, a resident of Darien.  Paula has tutored off and on for years and recently substitute taught at the Mead School in Stamford.  Paula received her BA in economics from NYU, and when she is not tutoring, she pursues a career as an independent financial planner.  Paula teaches all levels and subjects of math including Algebra II and pre calculus.

  Sylvan Learning Center, Darien, CT  
Rene Steffan   RENE STEFFAN (July 2005) 

Rene is a middle and high school history teacher and Executive Functions Coach who returned to the East Coast after having spent many years in California where she completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees through San Diego State and National University.  Rene also teaches study skills and developmental reading.

  Sylvan Learning Center, Darien, CT  
Mimi Brophy   MIMI BROPHY (September 2003) 

Now in her 8th year at Sylvan, Mimi has been tutoring middle and high school language arts and all levels of test prep (SSAT/ISEE/PSAT/SAT) since she started her tenure at Sylvan.  Previously, she taught for Princeton Review before starting her family in the early 90s.  Mimi is a graduate of Villanova University and has a masters from UCONN.  She lives in Darien and her children attend local schools.

  Sylvan Learning Center, Darien, CT  
Vigee Droesch   VIGEE DROESCH(September 2007) 

Vigee is a middle and high school English teacher who graduated from University of Missouri with a BA in Journalism and who received her masters in education through Xavier University. While her three daughters were attending Darien Schools, Vigee worked as a resource teacher at Hindley and Middlessex Schools for several years. In her spare time was an active local volunteer with numerous organizations including the Depot Teen Center (co-chairman), Children’s Aid (Co-chairman), and The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), Goodwives’s Chapter, for which she judged the annual DAR essay contest.

  Sylvan Learning Center, Darien, CT  
Kevin Mascarelli   KEVIN MASCARELLI (December 2000) 

Stamford native Kevin Masciarelli is another long-term and valued member of the Sylvan staff. He is a certified teacher of mathematics for grade K-12 who previously  taught for the Stamford School system and now tutors full-time.  He recently completed his masters in math education through Sacred Heart University and is a 1988 graduate of Boston University.




  Sylvan Learning Center, Darien, CT  
Susie McKittrick   SUSIE McKITTRICK (April 2008) 

Susie is a long-time resident of Darien and is a certified elementary teacher who previously taught 2nd Grade in Illinois. More recently, she was on staff at the First Congregational Church Nursery School. Susie has been very active in the community as a volunteer for the Darien Depot Teen Center, United Way, the ABC House, and the PTA boards at the schools her two children previously attended. She is a graduate of Butler University.

  Sylvan Learning Center, Darien, CT  
Scott Cerreta   SCOTT CERRETA (September 2007) 

Scott is a middle and high school English teacher who is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College with a BA in English. He recently completed his MFA in Literature through the City College of New York.

Sylvan Learning Center, Darien, CT Sylvan Learning Center, Darien, CT Sylvan Learning Center, Darien, CT